A shorter and shallower bout of low IRPM on Wednesday evening 19th June 2024

There were a number of SMS alerts this evening, triggered by IRPM dropping below 15% for most dispatch intervals between 17:50 and 18:40 on Wednesday evening 19th June … but it was not as deep, or as long, as what happened on Monday 17th June or Tuesday 18th June … hence as per expectations in this earlier forecast.

Here’s a snapshot of the 17:50 dispatch interval in NEMwatch at the start of the run:


What’s notable in that snapshot includes:

1)  NEM-wide Instantaneous Reserve Plant Margin at 14.46%

2)  NEM-wide ‘Market Demand’ already up at 32,092MW

3)  From a VRE perspective:

(a)  Large Solar at close to 0MW

(b)  Wind yield just under 2,000MW … so better than was the case on Tuesday

4)  In this dispatch interval, the only interconnector constrained was Basslink.

5)  For the third evening in a row, despite the tight supply-demand balance, prices did not go ballistic.

… which is, in large part, due to the lack of intra-regional transmission constraints on the mainland (i.e. ensuring competition between generators in different regions).

Here’s a tabular run of NEM-wide IRPM, with the range of dispatch intervals under 15% highlighted … noting two in there were just above 15%:


In particular note:

1)  Lowest point this evening for NEM-wide IRPM was 18:00 down at 13.85%; whilst

2)  Highest point for NEM-wide ‘Market Demand’ was 18:15, up at 32,262MW … so higher than seen on either on Monday 17th June or Tuesday 18th June.

That’s all for now.

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