Low IRPM eventuates (as low as 10.89%), as expected, on Tuesday evening 18th June 2024 .. reaching 120 minutes

As forecast this morning, our phones were running hot this evening with a series of SMS alerts notifying us of a long run of low IRPM conditions that began at the 17:30 dispatch interval and has continued through to 19:25 as I hit ‘publish’.

Here’s a capture of that same table in NEMwatch as used in yesterday evening’s post, showing all dispatch intervals up until 19:00, when the image was captured:


I’ve particularly highlighted the 18:25 dispatch interval, at which two highlights for the evening are evident:

1)  The NEM-wide ‘Market Demand’ hit what seems to have been the high-point of 31,842MW; and

2)  The NEM-wide IRPM hit the lowest point of 10.89%

Unfortunately we did not capture this exact dispatch interval (was on another call at the time) but here’s the 18:10 snapshot which shows the overall state of energy supply:


From this we can see:

1)  Regional levels of Market Demand’ above the ‘green zone’ … particularly in TAS

2)  Yield from Large Solar had dropped to almost 0MW by this time on a winter’s evening

3)  Aggregate yield from Wind was only ~1,000MW … so lower than yesterday evening and well below average

4)  We know that there are several coal units out:

(a)  We’d noted on Friday that ER04, CPP_4 and TNPS1 were all off on unplanned outages.

(b)  We’d noted earlier today that MP1 had come offline overnight for repair of a boiler tube leak

(c)  YWPS1 and GSTONE4 are also off for planned maintenance.


Interesting times!


Thankfully, at least, Collector-to-Yass is back

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