AEMO publishes a tender for Interim Reliability Reserves (i.e. Reserve Trader)

We’ve already noted that today  ‘AEMO releases an update to the 2023 ESOO on Tuesday 21st May 2024’ … which has triggered media headlines about ‘blackout’ and ‘summer power shortages’ in relation to summer 2024-25 and so on…

So it was no surprise to see AEMO published a tender for ‘Interim Reliability Reserves’ (a form of ‘Reserve Trader’) on the same day … and updates such as Ben Macey’s on LinkedIn here:


That update links through to this page on the AEMO website:


There’s more information on that page, but the key point is … The Tender for Interim Reliability Reserves – 2024/25 is open until Friday 19th July 2024 (note this was corrected – originally showed 1st July in some AEMO documentation).

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