Vedran’s note today, about ‘more wind than hydro in Tasmania’ for early morning Thursday 25th May 2023

Amongst other things on Social Media today, I noted this update from Vedran Kovac at Hydro Tasmania:


… which links through to this longer-form article on LinkedIn.

So I thought I would have a quick look at the time period that Vedran was speaking about in the context of the current week in the Tasmanian region:


The 5-hour period Vedran references is (I believe) the period I’ve highlighted on the longer-term trend from NEMreview.  Click on the image to open a larger view.  I’ve reversed the ‘normal’ AEMO convention for Basslink such that imports to TAS are positive in this case (coloured them brown because Basslink would often be importing a share of VIC brown coal to TAS in those situations).

Those with their own licence to the software can open their own copy of this query here.

Nothing more to add, at this point.

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