Might see more price volatility this week … at least in QLD?

Following the last few days, it’s beginning to feel like more of a ‘normal’ Brisbane summer – with hot, humid weather and the promise of afternoon storms.  The outlook this week appears to be for more of the same:


With schools and industry back from holidays, we might start to expect this to flow through into levels of demand, and hence into price volatility (as noted earlier, it’s been a bit of a flat start to summer … at least in terms of demand and spot prices).


(A)  Forecast for the week ahead, NEM-wide

So I took a quick look at the forecast for the week using the 14-day trend of NEMwide demand that’s published for broader consumption in our ‘Dashboards’ application:


As highlighted in the note, we’re still not seeing any forecast for ‘Market Demand’ to reach 30,000MW … remembering that:

1)  this was almost an everyday occurrence in summer days of 10 years ago.

2)  … and that it would be beyond this point (e.g. 33,000MW or 34,000MW or 35,000MW) that ‘peak demand’ would get really hairy from a supply-demand perspective and we’d see sustained multi-regional volatility.


(B)  Forecast for the week ahead, in QLD

Flipping just to look at the QLD region we see that the coming week is probably going to be a bit more interesting from a regional perspective – with Market Demand on Friday currently forecast to be up towards 10,000MW.


Clients with a licence to our ez2view software can open their own copy of this trend here.

Will see what the week unfolds…


PS1 … at ~10:40 on Monday 30th January

Not long after I posted this, the AEMO released Market Notice 105379 pertaining to high temperatures forecast for Dalby (southern QLD) on Friday 3rd February:


From : AEMO
Creation Date : 30/01/2023 10:35:04


Notice ID : 105379
Notice Type Description : Subjects not covered in specific notices
Issue Date : 30/01/2023
External Reference : NEM Local Temperature Alerts for QLD from 30 Jan 2023 to 03 Feb 2023


Reason :


AEMO’s weather service provider has issued forecast temperatures equal to or greater than the NEM Local Temperature Alert Levels for listed weather stations below.

Dalby Ap (37+ Deg C): 3rd Feb

The NEM Local Temperature Alert Levels are:

Launceston Ti Tree Bend: 33 Deg C, Dalby Airport: 37 Deg C, for all other selected weather stations: 39 Deg C.

AEMO requests Market Participants to:

1. review the weather forecast in the local area where their generating units / MNSP converter stations are located and,

2. if required, update the available capacity in their dispatch offers or availability submissions consistent with the forecast temperatures.

Further information is available at:


AEMO Operations Planning


Remember that pretty much all generation technology types (old, and new) are adversely affected by high temperatures in various ways.



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  1. Bit ironic that on 3rd Feb this year consumers could be facing yet another very expensive RERT bill. On 1st Feb last year AEMO forecast a Queensland demand over 10,000 MW and it cost Queensland consumers a whopping $50 million for the period 1700 hours to 2130 hours.

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