What does ‘Rethinking Capitalism’ mean, for the National Electricity Market?

The tail end of 2022 saw multi-level Government intervention in the National Electricity Market – through:

1)  Federal Government intervention in domestic gas markets (with a one-year cap on prices and a more nebulous longer term ‘reasonable return’ expectation); and

2)  NSW Government intervention in domestic thermal coal markets (in two tranches); and

3)  QLD Government intervention in domestic thermal coal.

The impacts of these (whether actual, perceived or feared) will probably be felt well past the end of this new year.

So it’s worth noting, to follow on from that, Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers’ article in The Monthly magazine today titled ‘Capitalism after Crisis’:


Understandably there’s already been commentary about this in a number of the media outlets we try to keep tabs on.

I don’t have time to share anything here…

I suspect our diverse range of readers here at WattClarity will each have their own perspectives (negative or positive) of what implications the ideas espoused in this article might have for the ongoing evolution of the National Electricity Market.

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