‘Market Demand’ in Victoria drops to a new low point on Sunday 2nd October 2022 … and ‘Operational Demand’ as well

The SMS alerts have just started up today from the 11:50 dispatch interval to highlight that the Victorian ‘Market Demand‘ has dropped to a new ‘lowest since the start of the NEM’ point.

Here’s a snapshot from NEMwatch at the 11:50 dispatch interval:


As noted in the image, the Victorian Market Demand is down at 2,083MW in the 11:50 dispatch interval.

… at this level, it’s 40MW lower than the level set (2,123MW) on 28th December 2021.


PS1 – Results, as they appear at the end of the day

As shown in this snapshot of the SMS alerts today (relating to low demand in any region) there were only 3 dispatch intervals where the ‘Market Demand‘ in Victoria was lower than the prior low point:


… as a result, the new ‘lowest point’ record for ‘Market Demand’ is as noted above in the 11:50 dispatch interval.

In terms of ‘Operational Demand’ my quick check of the numbers shows the new low point record was set down at 2,285MW for the half hour ending 13:00 – which would be 48MW below the previous low point by that measure (2,333MW in half hour to 13:00 back on 28th November 2021 (which we did not record in an article)):

(a)  I note that Allan’s comment below suggests a low point today of 2,260MW … but I must be looking at a different series, as can’t see that?!

(b)  we’ll expect the AEMO to come along in the next day or so to confirm this.


PS2 – AEMO Confirmation

On Monday 3rd October the AEMO confirmed these results via this Tweet:




More might follow later…

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  1. Looks like the Operational Demand minimum for Vic may have dropped from around 2,330 MW to 2,260 MW.

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