RERT dispatched in QLD – at 17:00 on Tuesday 5th July 2022

At 13:59 on Tuesday 5th July the AEMO published Market Notice 99992 about RERT (Reserve Trader) being dispatched in the QLD region as follows:



Notice ID 99992
Notice Type ID Reserve Contract / Direction / Instruction
Notice Type Description MARKET
Issue Date Tuesday, July 5, 2022
External Reference RERT DISPATCHED


AEMO Intervention Event, Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) – QLD1 Region- 05/07/2022

Refer AEMO Electricity Market Notice no. 99963
AEMO has dispatched/activated reserve contract(s) to maintain the power system in a Secure and Reliable operating state.
The reserve contract(s) was dispatched/activated at 17:00 hrs 05/07/2022 and is forecast to apply until 21:00 hrs 05/07/2022
AEMO has implemented an AEMO intervention event for the duration the reserve contract(s) is dispatched/activated/
To facilitate the RERT process, constraints commencing with the following identifiers may be evident at various times in dispatch,


Manager NEM Real Time Operations

Paul noted this possibility earlier today, after the AEMO issued an ‘Intention to Implement’ notice.


PS1 End of RERT dispatch at 18:00

At 18:14 the AEMO published Market Notice 100025 noting the end of RERT dispatch at 18:00 on Tuesday evening.

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