Yes, those high sensitivity price forecasts Wednesday afternoon were real – looking forward to Thursday 14th October 2021 for SA region! (Part 1)

As Daniel Lee noted on Monday 11th October, a primary focus for us through Q3 2021 was the upgrade of some of our software products in preparation for Five Minute Settlement.

 It was also, as I noted on Tuesday 12th October, why we’re a little behind on the completion and release of our GenInsights21 report!

Given the way in which the pricing mechanism has changed, and our software has changed to reflect this, it’s only natural that our customers are taking a bit of time to re-familiarise themselves with the way it all works after 1st October 2021.  The market certainly did not make it easy for one of our South Australian-based deSide® clients on Wednesday 13th October, who emailed into us late afternoon to ask the ‘are you sure this is correct?’ question in relation to this display:


So in answering the client directly with a simple ‘yes, the software is accurately displaying AEMO data’ response, I included this snapshot of the ‘SA Sensitivity’ widget from ez2view v9 from the 16:25 dispatch interval:



(A)  About our software

Dan’s note linked above references some of our software (i.e. and the ones we specifically focused on as part of the 5MS transition).

1)  Snapshots from two of them are above.

2)  Frequent readers at WattClarity will be more familiar with seeing snapshots of our other products – including the NEMwatch (entry-level dashboard) and ez2view (high-end dashboard and analytical tool) products.

3)  The deSide® software sits in between them, in some ways, and it’s not very often used in illustrating articles.  It’s specifically used by large energy users who are spot exposed and participate in the market by a form of demand response discussed here.


(B)  Discussing what was forecast (later, in ‘Part 2’)

After responding to the client’s question directly, I wondered about exploring further to understand why … and also about communicating this more broadly via WattClarity.   It’s something I would more typically use ez2view to do.

Unfortunately I have run out of time this evening, so will need to come back to this one with a ‘Part 2’ as time permits….

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  1. Not so wild in SA it turned out. High prices only due to lack of reserve in QLD in the afternoon. Perhaps some maintenance work was delayed by weather?

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