The *other* market change that went live today (Monday 9th October 2023)

On Friday last week, Linton wrote ‘Very Fast Raise and Lower FCAS markets to start on 9 October 2023’ about one change that goes live at 13:00 (NEM time) today:


Relevant to discussions today and tomorrow in the AFR’s Energy & Climate Summit, that change has been required due to declining levels of inertia ‘naturally’ supplied in the grid as coal units progressively close in the coming years (with Eraring perhaps next cab off the rank, as soon as 2025).

In order to access this new data, clients are installing the upgrade to ez2view v9.8, released for that purpose.


As those Release Notes highlight, the other change that’s gone live today has been richer information in the MT PASA DUID Availability data set

1)  which was kicked off originally as a result of the ERM rule change … thanks to them!

2)  and which is now enhanced with a Unit State and Recall Time

3)  but unfortunately still only is published by AEMO for fully Scheduled units, and not Semi-Scheduled units (which seems, to me, to be an oversight that’s not going to be sustainable as this energy transition gathers pace).

This new data is captured in this snapshot of the upgraded ‘Generator Outages’ widget in v9.8.1.37 at 11:10 (NEM time) this morning:


The currently released version (v9.8.1.37) takes some steps with the new data, with more coming soon

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