Second time lucky? The return (again) of Loy Yang A2 unit

It was first day back after a couple days away yesterday – and I am mostly focused on completing the Generator Statistical Digest 2019 (for a scheduled release next week, on Tuesday 28th January).   Did take some time to quickly review yesterday’s hail storm, and Sunday’s dust storm.

A question this morning from one of our clients made me realise that I’d missed another event on Monday – being the return to service of Loy Yang A2, as captured in this 2-day view of the unit through the ‘Unit Dashboard’ Widget in the installed ez2view:


For me it seems a bit like ‘Déjà vu all over again’ given that the unit had first returned to service on 24th December after a long outage that had started on 18th May 2019 (7 months prior) – but that return had hit a snag after only a couple days, tripping again on 27th December.   Only 8 days ago, I had wondered what was happening with the repairs.

Let’s hope that all the teething issues have been ironed out…

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