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As noted on this blog, the blackout of 16th January 2007 was one of the most significant events in the history of the NEM.

As such, there were a number of reviews conducted by various parties, all seeking to analyse different facets of what went wrong, and why.

As a convenience to our readers, we have linked below all those reports we are currently aware of (these have been sorted in chronological order):

Tue 16th January 2007 Bushfires cause blackout in greater Melbourne area.
Tue 16th January 2007 NEMMCO prepared a market event report entitled “System Separation and Load Shedding” detailing the main dispatch and pricing outcomes and the performance of the market during the day:

Wed 17th January 2007 Our first review of the blackout was put together as a preliminary chronological record of the events on that day. This is now available here:

March 2007 Our second review of the blackout was put together, and is now available here:

June 2007 NEMMCO, the market operator, prepared this report into what happened on the day:

NEMMCO also provided this presentation outlining the main points in their report:

Further information from NEMMCO, including a status report on the implementation of recommendations, is here:

June 2007 Vencorp (the Victorian planning body) published its own report on the incident here:

August 2007 NEMMCO published a report, “Independent Expert Report for Directions of 16 January 2007” by Synergies Economic Consulting, available here:

September 2007 The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) published its final report into the blackout. This is linked here:

October 2007 The Victorian Government also commissioned a report by the consultancy group, NOUS Group. The main recommendations of the NOUS Report, as it has become known, are linked here:

If you are aware of any other reports that should be listed here, please let us know!

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