Central Brisbane apparent temperature exceeds 41degC on Mon 22nd Jan 2024

Went for a short walk to pick up the first printed drafts of the GSD2023 just before … and wow it was hot!

One of the team members was looking at our history of BOM weather observations (which we have for ~1000 measurement points around the NEM back to mid 2016, and supply to clients in tools like NEMreview and ez2view) and noted something of particular interest…


Long-range trend of daily maximum Apparent Temperature

Charging up NEMreview, here’s a quick trend of daily maximum Apparent Temperature for the ‘Brisbane’ measurement station … which happens to be located in Kangaroo Point close to the Pineapple Hotel, for those who know where it is.


There’s obviously a few spikes in there over a >7 year history … but the highest was 41.1 degC on 12th February 2017.


Recent range of Apparent Temperature

Here’s the same data, but raw over the past couple weeks (and adding in ‘Market Demand’ for comparison purposes):


Coincidentally, Apparent Temperature hit 41.1 degC at 11:30 (NEM time) this morning … so for the first time since February 2017 (and the day is only half done).


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