Demand forecast moderating for NSW for Thursday evening, 14th December 2023

Yesterday we wrote about how ‘Forecast supply-demand for NSW for Thursday evening 14th December 2023 remains tight’, in which we included two snapshots from ez2view.

As we tick past midday (daylight savings time) it’s worth noting this snapshot from ez2view (at the 11:15 dispatch interval) containing 3 different ‘Forecast Convergence’ widgets to highlight several things:


With respect to the numbers:

1)  the most recent forecasts for ‘Market Demand’ this evening is that it will peak at 12,754MW at 18:00 … so moderating from the earlier forecasts seen yesterday

2)  volatility is still expected, but not as extreme as earlier forecasts.

3)  The forecast LOR2 conditions are remaining, but not as long a duration.


We’ll keep watching …

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