Availability at Tarong North Power Station almost halved as it nurses a tube leak

Keeping with our coverage of this afternoon’s events in Queensland – where forecasts are pointing to record demand – it looks as though another risk has emerged.

Whilst the QNI limit has temporarily been raised by 50MW, it may be the case of ‘one step forward two steps back’ with Tarong North Power Station currently running at around half availability with the rebid reason citing a ‘tube leak’. The screenshot below is from the Station Dashboard in our ez2view software and shows its availability drop from 420MW to 200MW at 12:30PM yesterday.

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Dan Lee first started at Global-Roam in June 2013. He has departed (and returned) for a couple of stints overseas in that time, but rejoined our team permanently in late 2019. More recently, Dan's focus has been on growing his understanding of the market and developing his analytical capabilities. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Sustainable Energy program at the University of Queensland.

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  1. Tube leak as in high pressure steam boiler tube? Or something less nasty?

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