A new all-time maximum for coincident wind production across the NEM late on Tuesday 25th May

Whilst many eyes (including mine) focused on the unfolding dramas in Queensland yesterday following the (explosion?) and fire at the Callide C power station, it was not the only newsworthy event.

Others were great in letting us know that the NEM had recorded another incremental ‘all time maximum production’ record for wind power across the NEM … reaching 5,642MW metered at 20:55 (i.e. InitialMW for 21:00) on Tuesday 25th May 2021.

Here’s how the month of May 2021 looks thus far via NEMreview v7, complete with a fair amount of spot price volatility as well … more about that in another article, time permitting:


That was generated with this query, for those who have a licence.

The last time I had noted ‘peak wind’ was 14th April 2021 (just over a month ago!), and I had used this query to do that, so it was an easy task to regenerate to see how the market has trended on a monthly statistical basis:


No time for other comments.

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3 Comments on "A new all-time maximum for coincident wind production across the NEM late on Tuesday 25th May"

  1. Why do you keep focusing on the maximum production when it is a pointless measure?
    What matters is the minimum reliable output (choke point).

    From 7am on 17 May to 11pm on 18 May wind generation in the NEM never reached above 1800MW despite there being 8500MW of installed capacity.

  2. you need to check the days of the week and dates because I think some were incorrect

  3. Just 5 days later total wind farm production in the NEM fell below 400MW for almost the entire afternoon. It hit a low of 110MW for almost an hour…….

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