Cranking the handle, to produce the Generator Statistical Digest 2020

Late last night I received a note from Kerry Schott entitled ‘Restoring the Health of the National Electricity Market’ announcing what I noticed Marghanita Johnson saw as ‘450+ pages to keep you entertained over summer’.  Amongst the reports linked in Kerry’s email were:

1)  The 18-page ‘Volume 2:  Major Report Summaries for 2020’ of ‘The Health of the National Electricity Market’; and also

2)  The 71-page “Volume 1: The ESB Health of the NEM Report’ of ‘The Health of the National Electricity Market’.

As noted on the ESB’s microsite:

“The report measures progress against six strategic energy objectives established by the former COAG Energy Council following the 2017 Finkel Review.”

Reviewing the NEM from a systems perspective is a very necessary part of understanding the health of the NEM … and, once identifying where it is weak and aspects where the energy transition is at risk of running off the rails, enabling rectifying action to be taken.


Equally important is also the need to review the performance of individual components in the electricity supply industry so that action can be taken in advance of discrete problems becoming critical to the system as a whole (either in terms of security or supply, or in terms of aggregate system costs).

A timely coincidence, then, that we have cranked the handle (given we’ve passed the 31st December 2020 end of calendar year milestone) on the ‘BEAST’ processes that will end up with the publication of the Generator Statistical Digest 2020 in a couple weeks time (expected release date being Wednesday 27th January 2021).

I’m not aware of any other report that looks at so many different aspects of the individual technical and commercial performance of every single sizeable supply-side asset operating in the NEM … no matter the fuel type of technology type.   Are you?

The GSD2020 has been developed following the earlier productions of the GSD2019 (released 28th January 2020), which itself followed the GRC2018 (released 31st May 2019):

Illustration of how the GSD2020 evolved from what came beforehand

Further information about the Generator Statistical Digest 2020 is provided here on the WattClarity site, but today I just wanted to highlighted the ability for you to save $300exGST by pre-ordering before the GSD2020 is released:

You’ll be able to download the GSD2020  (when it is released)
… for those who have already ordered
This is how to save $300exGST when you pre-Order the GSD2020
… if you have not yet done so
Obviously, the GSD2020 will not be available until it has been released (expected 27 Jan 2021). Once it has been released, clients will have their access to the electronic copy Generator Report Card here:


You’ll need to set up your own unique log-in, using your organisational email address in order to access:

  • it’ll be large (>40Mb) PDF so keep this in mind if on a low-speed link
  • this process works in Chrome, Edge and Safari (but not currently in Internet Explorer).

One bound hard-copy is also being supplied as well (if we have your best postal address).

Complete the order form and send back to us:


After we receive your order, we will (after release):

(1)  Set you up with electronic access at the site above (hence be sure to specify your corporate email address); and

(2)  Deliver your bound-hard copy; and

(3)  Process your payment and provide a tax invoice.


We look forward to hearing back from you!

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