Some insights about Loy Yang A unit 1 from CAL 2019 (using a draft of the ‘B’ page from the GSD2019)

Another week’s flown by and (given we’re aiming to have our Generator Statistical Digest 2019 (GSD2019) released before the end of January 2020) we’re again working a bit of the weekend to review progress and tick off the remaining items to be completed before release.  Sincerely hoping for not the same sort of distractions as last Saturday 4th January!

As noted on this explanatory page (which is itself still coming together) what we are building is a partial update to the extremely well received Generator Report Card 2018 (GRC2018):

Step 1 = We’re starting with the 328-page statistical component of the GRC2018;

Step 2 = We’re advancing the calendar time range a year to cover the most recent 10-year period (Jan 2010 to Dec 2019)

Step 3 = We’re updating to include the large number of new units that have commenced operations through 2019 (some batteries, wind and solar plant – plus a few others, like Barkers Inlet).  At the same time we’re also dropping off any unit that closed before 31st December 2018.

Step 4 = We’re also expanding the scope to include a second page for each unit, specifically focused on CAL 2019.  We’re calling this the ‘B’ Page (part sample below).

That means we’re now at 600 pages of stats (i.e. for 300 DUIDs operational in 2019), plus a lengthy glossary and explanation of what’s being displayed within – so actually ending up longer than the GRC2018.

Yesterday (Friday 10th January) one of our software engineers presented (co-author) Jonathon Dyson and myself with a sample page specifically focused on Loy Yang A unit 1 (not the unit 2 that’s been troublesome) in order to whet our appetites whilst he kicked off the next compilation run of the ‘BEAST’ database we spoke about in some of the forums about the GRC2018 through last year (takes many hours to compile with all the derived metrics presented in the stats).

There were a number of things that jumped straight out at me from what I saw – and I thought I would share some of them here with you today (click on image for a larger view):


We’re really (really!) looking forward to having this released in about 2 weeks:

1)  Firstly in order to deliver (electronic and printed) copies to those who have patiently pre-ordered at a discount,

2)  But also so we can start delving further into the metrics so derived to see what other insights can be gleaned.  We will probably share some of them with our WattClarity readers in the coming months… (and maybe at a conference or two, if the organisers wish that to be the case).


Of course, if any reader notices anything that looks awry in these three figures above, we’d very interested to hear from them now!

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One of three founders of Global-Roam back in 2000, Paul has been CEO of the company since that time. As an author on WattClarity, Paul's focus has been to help make the electricity market more understandable.

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  1. For the evaporative cooled plant, it might be worth plotting the capacity factor against the Wet Bulb temperature, as that limits heat rejection of the cooling tower and minimum condensor temperature/pressure.

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