AEMO releases the 2024 ISP

It’s Wednesday 26th June 2024 and AEMO has published the 2024 ISP (Integrated System Plan).

(A)  From AEMO

There’s a main document and a 3-page overview. A wealth of supporting information including the Appendicies, consultation information and the inputs and assumptions is also published:

ISP 2024
Main Document (92 pages)
Overview and Associated Documentation

You can find the main report on AEMO’s website here (or click the image to open the pdf):

You can download the overview as PDF from here:

More information, primarily under the blue square in the image below, is published about the 2024 ISP in this part of the AEMO website:

Looking to the AEMO Newsroom, at the time of writing, we await an official Media Release.

We’ll endeavour to update this section of the post when the Media Release is available. 

(B)  Media Headlines

A quick scan of the main media outlets reveals a number of articles:

1)  In the AFR:

(a)  Angela Macdonald-Smith observes nuclear is left out in the cold, notes the need for more transmission in:

2)  In the Australian :

(a) Lights out as green power falling short:

(b) Acknowledgement of the scale of the build-out needed for the transition:

3)  In the ABC:

(a) With large scale renewable developments stalling Jane Norman includes discussion on which sectors will cover supply when the coal exits. Also includes a Beatles analogy!:


4)  The Guardian:

(a) Anticipating the release will “will likely stoke the intense political debate over Australia’s energy future”, has published:

5)  RenewEconomy:

(a) Giles Parkinson at RenewEconomy writes:

6)  Others:

(a) (to be continued as we come across them)


(C)  On social media

Where we notice anything particularly interesting on social media (and have the time) we’ll add references in here…

1)  Mitchel Baker discusses a chart he prepared that highlights magnitude of the rollout required in the transition.

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Linton Corbet
Linton joined Global-Roam as a software engineer and market analyst in August 2020. Prior to joining us, he worked with the AEMO for 7 years, and before that, as an air quality scientist.

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