Derivation of Underlying Demand in NSW on 8th, 9th and 10th February 2017

As we have earlier done for 30th and 31st January and 1st February 2020, in this article we’ve reused my own derivation of ‘Underlying Demand’ to take a look at what happened with demand by that measure back on Fri 10th Feb 2017, because that’s when there was a high point for ‘Market Demand’.

Here’s the three day trend, produced using NEMreview v7:


As per prior articles, those with a licence to the software can open their own copy of this query here.

Note that (back this far) we needed to swap out the non-existent AEMO estimates for rooftop PV with our earlier collation of estimates from APVI … but keep in mind what we wrote about ‘the opacity of rooftop PV’.

From that chart we see that the highest point was at 14,447 MW for the half hour ending 15:00 (NEM time) on Friday 10th February 2017.

This point was below that derived for Thu 29th Feb 2024.

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