Consultation on ‘Orderly Exit Management Framework Framework’ for coal units

Worth a quick note to point readers to this consultation paper from the NSW Government that seeks views on the merits of a mechanism to effect an orderly exit of coal units from the NEM:


I’ve read elsewhere that this was published on the same day as the AEMO’s draft 2024 ISP, so perhaps was not noticed by some stakeholders.

1)  On this page here it notes:

‘On 24 November 2023, Energy Ministers agreed to consult on the detailed design of an opt-in Orderly Exit Management (OEM) Framework for the National Electricity Market. The OEM Framework will allow governments to temporarily seek an extension to the closing date of thermal generators to maintain energy reliability and security.  

The Framework will act as a transition backup, while investment in clean technologies and transmission network continues as fast as possible. This will ensure the energy market transitions in an orderly manner.’

2)  That page also contains this useful image that helps to illustrate how the proposed process would work:

3)  I did note that it’s a NSW Government paper, but it’s on a Federal Government website … not sure why?

I’ve not read this, yet, other than to note that the paper says (on p11/60) that:

This consultation period will be open until Friday 2 February 2024. Responses to this consultation may be made public. If you wish to remain confidential or anonymous, please indicate this in your response.’

Over to you …

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  1. I can see this been a lawyer’s picnic.

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