AGL (Bayswater and Loy Yang A) fined for inability to supply FCAS services

Flipping through my news feeds this morning, I came across the article ‘AGL power stations handed multimillion-dollar fines over emergency breaches’ by Angelica Snowden in the Australian newspaper:


The article goes on to explain it related to the inability to supply certain FCAS services (after bidding to supply, and being accepted by NEMDE and enabled) from both Bayswater and Loy Yang A stations (different services, different times).

Curious to know more, I looked a bit further.


(A)  From the Federal Court

Curious to know more, I jumped on the Commonwealth Courts website to see these listings for Monday 30th October 2023:


The file details are as follows:

(A1)  VID478/2023 (with respect to Loy Yang A)

The link in the page above leads to VID478/2023 (with respect to Loy Yang A).

From this, we can see the Order:


(A2)  VID480/2023 (with respect to Bayswater)

The Court page above also links to VID480/2023 (with respect to Bayswater).

From this we can see the relevant Order:


(B)  From the AER

This morning the AER has posted this Media Release ‘AGL penalised $6 million for not providing back up electricity services’ here:



(C)  From AGL Energy

Could not see any ASX Releases from AGL Energy at the time I looked (08:33 NEM time ) this morning.


(D)  Elsewhere

In a quick scan this morning, did not see anything elsewhere.

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  1. I recall about 20 years ago that the manager of one of the MacGen stations I worked at, bid on FCAS / black start ability seeing it as easy ‘money for jam’. He eventually had it pointed out to him just how costly it would be should the event occur so quickly withdrew that bid.

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