Reader question about current (planned) outage at Millmerran unit 2

A reader’s asked today about the outage currently underway at Millmerran unit 2.

Rather than (just) answering the reader directly, I thought it useful to post this short note here to highlight one of the enhancements to the ez2view software delivered in the upgrade made available as v9.6.1.99 at the start of May 2023.

Here’s the ‘Generator Outages’ widget that highlights Scheduled units (filtered for Black Coal) and their current and near-term planned operational status:


Our reader has asked about the current outage at Millmerran unit 2 (highlighted above), which is forecast to be back online on Monday 5th June (i.e. next Monday).

Part of the question related to whether this was a planned or forced outage.   This is something we now report on quarterly for 44 x remaining coal units in the GenInsights Quarterly Updates (so in the Q1 update released this week), but it’s also possible to deduce this via the ‘Forecast Convergence’ widget that is showing the MT PASA DUID Availability data set (thanks to the ERM Rule Change) filtered down to just a single unit:


Remembering this widget allows us to ‘look up a vertical’ to see ‘that other dimension of time’, we see here that this outage was planned as far back as July 2022.

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