ElectraNet tweets about tower damage near Tailem Bend (out for a week)

Late last night, Electranet tweeted this picture of the damaged transmission tower that would ordinarily be forming a part of the Heywood interconnector:


At the end of yesterday evening’s article I’d included a 5th PS noting AEMO’s Market Notice 103067 that spoke about:

AEMO has been advised that the Tailem Bend – South East No 1 and 2 Lines will remain out of service until 1700 hrs 18/11/2022.

… little wonder, when we see the above!

I’ve checked this morning with a couple of the island-based constraint sets (such as ‘F-SA_ESTN_ISLE_REG’) and see that the scheduled invocation this morning hasn’t changed from what the AEMO noted yesterday evening.

Note, in the tweet above, that ElectraNet says:

‘More information will be available later Sunday morning.’

… so we’ll all be waiting with keen interest!

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