Desperate times call for desperate measures on Monday 13th June 2022 (constraints violating … increased risk of Voltage Collapse)

Worth a short third article for today to follow on from Allan’s comment earlier this morning here on LinkedIn, to highlight one of the other outcomes of what’s been happening overnight… (and thanks to the clients of ours who also emailed us about this earlier, as well!)

Here’s a snapshot from ez2view Time-Travelled to the same dispatch interval that Allan highlighted (i.e. 07:10 this morning) containing two widgets – the ‘Dispatch Constraints’ widget, and the ‘Interconnector Details’ widget focused on QNI:


Briefly with the annotations:

1)  NEMDE can’t find a feasible solution to dispatching the NEM for 07:10 this morning without ‘violating’ some constraint equations.

2)  This has the effect of allowing more transfers into QLD from NSW than what would be ordinarily considered safe to do so.

3)  However it comes with a risk … particularly, in this case, had Kogan tripped during this period we would have been a heightened risk of Voltage Collapse in the grid.

4)  Should this have happened, it may well not have been as ‘controlled’ as what might happen if this forecast LOR3 for this evening does not get resolved … rather, what might have happened might be more catastrophic, and longer to recover from (more like the SA System Black).

5)  The AEMO’s done this because the market presented them with very few other options…


Hold onto your hats!

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