What does ‘next day public’ data show us about Tuesday’s re-start of operations at Victoria Big Battery

Yesterday I posted about two developments with respect to the Victoria Big Battery:

1)  The release of the Energy Safe Victoria report; and

2)  Restart of operations.

… however that initial report was hampered by the fact that AEMO deems a number of data sets private (i.e. confidential) for the current day.  So I’ve looked back again at Tuesday, from the vantage of Wednesday morning (and hence with the added visibility of ‘Next Day Public’ data from the AEMO … including DUID bidding).


(A)  A quick look at yesterday’s bids

Remembering that batteries currently need to register at AEMO as a pair of DUIDs (i.e. a ‘G’ for an injection/generator and an ‘L’ for a withdrawal/load) – though the AEMC is seeking to change this – we take a look at each of the components quickly here, using the ‘Bids & Offers’ widget within the (newly released) ez2view v9.1.2.5 and some related widgets:

(A1)  Looking (first) at discharges from VBBG1

Understanding that batteries will need to charge first, before they discharge, I still choose to look at the discharging side of the equation first.

Using a ‘Bid Comparison’ feature out of the ‘Bids & Offers’ widget in ez2view, we see the detail of how the battery rebid itself to be able to be dispatched to discharge at 30MW for the single half-hour period through until 15:00 yesterday.  This was facilitated by the rebid submitted to AEMO at 14:25 for first consideration in the 14:35 dispatch interval (i.e. beginning 14:30):


(As we try to remember to do with all of the images on the site, click on the image for a full-screen view)

(A2)  Looking at charging from VBBL1

Flipping to look at the load side of the equation, and focusing on the filtered ‘Bids & Offers’ widget, I’ve annotated this snapshot from earlier this morning with a couple notes:


There were four separate rebids submitted yesterday which resolved down to two periods of charging – in between which was the spurt of discharge.

With Five Minute Settlement almost upon us, we will watch with interest to see how things unfold across all DUIDs – and with particular respect to the Victoria Big Battery, will watch the recovery with interest.


(B)  Looking, again, at Forecast Convergence

Yesterday, using the ‘Forecast Convergence’ widget in ez2view I was unable to clearly isolate the effect of the increased availability on a half-hourly view of the data … and it’s no wonder that was the case, now knowing how fleeting (and relatively small) was the ‘Generator’ capacity offered into the market.

Here’s the snapshot from yesterday’s article onto which I’ve added where the 30MW increase is added … so clearly quite difficult to see in conjunction with all the other (larger) movement:


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