Callide C4 now not due back online until 1st February 2023

Yesterday’s restart of operations at the Victoria Big Battery has garnered a bit of attention – both yesterday and this morning as well.

Given the significance of the earlier fire, and the level of interest, we’d tagged this as one of the ‘Headline Events’ on WattClarity … with each seeing a reasonable number of articles written over time.  Another of the ‘Headline Events’ was the Callide C4 Catastrophe – which began on Tuesday 25th May 2021.

Seeing as I was posting articles, I thought it worth updating our readers to the change in the return-to-service expectation for the damaged Callide C4 unit … with the last report posted here on  8th July 2021 noting that the expected RTS was not till December 2022.  Here’s an updated view of the MT PASA DUID Availability widget from the same ez2view v9.1.2.5, with the 3-year look ahead (thanks again to the ERM rule change!) providing visibility of how the expectations have changed, compared with the view


Of the three changes noted on the image, it is the delay to the return-to-service date (was 1st December 2022 when we last reported and is now expected 1st February 2023) that is probably most significant.

1)  I have not looked through each MT PASA update (several times a day, 6 times a day for ~12 weeks) to see when exactly the repair time was extended.

2)  I can see today that there are no updated news alerts on the CS Energy News Feed here that would provide further details.

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