Fire at Victoria Big Battery under control – Monday 2nd August 19:21

One of the readers of Monday’s earlier update on the Victoria Big Battery (~16:15)  has directed me to this later update (19:21) from Victorian Energy Minister, Lily D’Ambrosio:


As noted here:

1)  The fire is now declared under control; and

2)  A ‘full, comprehensive investigation will be conducted into basis of the fire, how it started & ensure the site is a safe workplace’.

Will wait to hear more…


Also, one of our readers has noted that (at 19:07) the Guardian wrote ‘Tesla big battery fire in Victoria under control after burning more than three days’.  In the article is is noted:

‘The fire burned throughout the weekend and into a fourth day, before it was declared under control just after 3pm on Monday.

Fire crews will remain at the site for the next 24 hours “as a precaution in case of reignition” and will take temperature readings every two hours, the Country Fire Authority said.’

… and also:

‘CFA incident controller Ian Beswicke said the fire had been particularly challenging due to the complex nature of the battery site.’

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