Callide C3 return to service delayed further still – now till Friday 23rd July 2021

Five days ago (on Tuesday 13th July 2021) highlighted another slippage in the return-to-service expectation for the Callide C3 unit (next to the seriously damaged Callide C4 unit):

1)  At that time, the expected RTS date was Wednesday 21st July 2021;

2)  I noted in the article that the RTS had been delayed 8 times that I counted, and that the outage was then twice as long as initial expectations:

(a)  though it’s completely understandable that operator’s initial expectations were so rubbery, on the basis that this is clearly a ‘never been in this situation before’ situation

(b)  That ‘delayed 8 times’ observation resonated with a few people.

3)  I also speculated on two possible reasons for these delays … and Jeremy Culberg pointed out another possible contributing factor in a comment underneath that article.


On Sunday evening 18th July 2021 here’s an updated view of the the ‘MT PASA DUID Availability’ widget in ez2view to identify that this RTS expectation has slipped another two days … as at the last data update from AEMO yesterday (i.e. Saturday 18:00):



Josh Stabler noted here on LinkedIn today that:

“The Longford gas plant has returned from the 30-hour partial outage at 9pm Saturday evening, with the supply constraint reportedly due to issues with the gas dehydrators.”

We’ll try to continue keeping an eye on what’s happening in the NEM with respect to the ongoing issues with Callide C, the carry-over from the Yallourn flooding event, and other challenges as they develop ….

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