Court Case on Monday 22nd January and Tuesday 23rd January relating to cause of failures at Callide C3 and C4

On Sunday 30th January 2024 I wrote about there was (at the time*) ‘25 days to go, until the initial return of Callide C3 (waiting another 141 days for Callide C4)’.

* unfortunately since that time there’s been another slippage in expected return to service, this time due to weather delays.

At the end of that article end-of-year article, I noted about some legal proceedings initiated between some of the owners – with the purpose seeming to be (from what I read) the more rapid release, or otherwise independent sourcing of, an engineering report into the reasons for the failures of both:

1)  Callide C4, which has been offline since 25th May 2021 following a major explosion of the turbine-generator; and also

2)  Callide C3, which has been offline since 31st October 2022 following failure of the cooling tower (which also affected unit C4, though that was already offline).


That addition to the article was thanks to some articles written in the Australian by Nick Evans.


(A)  Article in the AFR

Today in the AFR I noticed the article (by Primrose Riordan and Angela Macdonald-Smith) published 19:00 yesterday evening ‘Czech coal baron slams Queensland government ahead of legal showdown’ providing some updates on this court process:


This article’s worth a read, for those who have access.


(B)  More from the Federal Court

Having established (in this earlier article) that the relevant case at the Federal Court is QUD541/2023, I jumped onto the site today to see what could be seen.  Here’s a partial image:


There’s more content there compared to when I checked before.

With reference to the AFR article above, the most notable entries are to do with court dates for Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd January 2024 (i.e. next week).


(C)  Any updates from stakeholders?

As I hit ‘publish’ on this article (09:40 on Thu 18th Jan 2024) I have not seen any recent relevant updates from various stakeholders:

(C1)  At CS Energy

I could not see anything on the news section of the CS Energy website.

Nor did I see any updates here on the company profile LinkedIn .

(C2)  At Sev.en Global Investments

I also did not see anything under ‘Press Releases’ or ‘News Highlights’ on the 7GI website.

(C3)  At Genuity

I also did not see anything on the Genuity website.

(C4)  Minister Mick de Brenni?

Given that he’s Minister for Energy (so, in that role, one of the shareholders of CS Energy – plus with the broader responsibilities) I wondered whether he’d posted anything on LinkedIn here … but could not find anything relevant.

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