Conformance and compliance–what’s the difference?

Yesterday I posted the first in a series of short snippets – this one is the second. 

In May this year Jonathon Dyson and I presented a webinar on ‘Maximising Value in the NEM’ for Solar Farms to the Clean Energy Council’s Large-Scale Solar Forum webinar series.  We followed this up with a similar presentation on ‘Maximising profitability in the NEM’ for Wind Farms at the CEC’s Wind Industry Forum webinar series in September.

Three central points of discussion in the webinars

In these two seminars, we explored for a Semi-Scheduled Generator:

  1. what you must do,
  2. what you want to do to maximise returns, and
  3. how to adapt as the market and power system changes.

Snippets about what Semi-Scheduled generators must do

Yesterday I asked whether ‘you know your obligations as a Semi-Scheduled Generator?’ using a first snippet extracted from our presentation for the Clean Energy Council’s audience on 17th September 2020.

It’s logical that we follow with this second snippet, in which Jonathon Dyson talks through the mechanism of a few dispatch intervals for a semi-scheduled generator, including explaining the difference between the often-confused “Non-Conformance” and “Non-Compliance”:

If the video does not load, you can access it on Vimeo here.

Other excerpts from the 2020 webinars

I posted articles before each webinar:

– each providing a sneak peek into some of the other content from the webinars.

Clean Energy Council events Next Year (2021)

The Clean Energy Council has scheduled the 2021 Large-Scale Solar Forum for Brisbane on 11 March 2021, and the Wind Industry Forum for Melbourne on 25 May 2021.

Check out the CEC’s events page here for further details.

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