A page for each DUID in (Part 3 of) the Generator Report Card

This afternoon we are posting out copies of a draft Generator Report Card to a few hand-picked proof-readers who will, we know, add loads of value over the coming week as they review where the Report Card is currently at – in order that we can pull it all together for release shortly after the Federal Election now only 3 weeks away.

There are still a few (too many!) gaps that need to be filled in commentary on the analysis we have been doing, but we’re starting to see the end in sight of what has turned out to be a very intriguing (though also sometimes grueling) 6 month process.  We’ve learnt loads, and are looking forward to sharing more with our clients.

An early point of feedback suggested we needed to explain the structure of each of the 327 pages included in Part 3* of the report card, where (for each page) we have used millions of data points for that DUID  in order to provide this compact 1-page 10-year review of operations.

*  We describe the Structure of the Report Card on this page, and include additional information as well.
For Part 3 we focused on only DUIDs that were operational during the 10-year window used in this part, though note that we’ve looked backwards 20 years in other analysis herein:

We’d thought initially of doing this at a station level, but it turned out we could deliver a much clearer picture down at DUID level – hence a few more pages looking as follows in this Part:




We put together this page for those who will receive their copies of this report – but, in the process of doing so, thought it would help to post it on WattClarity here to answer the other questions we’ve fielded from those curious to know more about “what exactly is the Generator Report Card?”.

I trust that this will answer some of the questions – though note that Part 3 is only one part of 5 Parts comprising the Report Card…


Back to the completion task now (for another 2 weeks or so) before we call “stop” and bundle it up to deliver to those who have already pre-ordered their copies.  Pre-orders will close when the report is released and the price will revert to full pricing at that time – until that time, you also can secure an early-bird pricing discount.

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