Big ramp in QLD demand Thursday evening to be first time above 8000MW this summer

Worth noting, this morning, how a standard alert set up on a display copy of NEM-Watch v10 running in the office caught the significant ramp in electricity demand in the Queensland region to close at above 8,000MW for the first time this summer (first time since late October).  Here’s a snapshot from the 18:50 dispatch interval showing “Scheduled Demand” at 8,057MW:


Here’s also a trend with NEMreview v7 showing the past week (to Friday morning) with the evening peak in demand yesterday being easily the stand-out.  What’s particularly interesting here is how the temperatures had dropped off significantly earlier in the day, but that did not stop demand climbing above 8,000MW:


We’ll expect to see many more days over summer with the demand out of the green zone and into the yellows and oranges – and even into the red zone (with demand as high as 9,500MW probable).

Clients with their own licences to NEMreview v7 can access an updated version of that trend chart here (showing the most recent week’s data).

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