Interesting take, by battery maker Sonnen, on the “free energy” business model

As I noted a year ago, for many months we have been thinking through the implications of “free energy” and what it would mean to the electricity sector – both in the NEM and elsewhere – on this ongoing energy transition.

This morning I see in the AFR an article about battery manufacturer, Sonnen, and their plans to provide customers free energy in return for the ability to export from their residential energy systems at key times of grid (and/or market) stress.
1)  We have expected a range of different innovations to emerge in terms of business models – some will succeed, whilst some (at least in the Urth incarnation – more on that later) won’t.
2)  We’re keenly focused on ensuring our business can serve these new businesses as they emerge.


Given that it looks set to combine two of our technologies of particular interest, I have also posted briefly about this:
1)  On our specially-focused Demand Response website; and
2)  On our (relatively newer) specially-focused Battery Storage website, an industry that a growing number see in the early stages of an “S-Curve” deployment rate.

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