Winning a consolation prize (Comp #6) for Tasmanian peak demand

Following yesterday’s announcement, that’s 4 prizes down and 3 prizes left to award – with each of the coming winners receiving their own portable barbeque:

Here's the consolation prize that's being given to our 6 other winners

In Competition #6, we asked entrants to correctly forecast what the peak Tasmanian demand would be for an “extended summer” period 1st December 2014 to 31st March 2015.  This morning I posted some analysis here of what happened in the Apple Isle.

Hence the main thing that remains to do is to congratulate Reinhard Struve, a perennial competition entrant and energy-sector stakeholder in the South Australian Department of State Development as he was only 3MW below the actual peak with the closest entry of many we received!

Recapping the winners

This means that our competition table stands as follows:

Competition #1
{The Main Prize}
Peak NEM-Wide Demand
for the “extended summer” period
Demand did not even rise above 30,000MW – which surprised us, and most of our entrants (as we discussed here).

The winner, as announced on Tuesday 7th April, was energy-sector lawyer, Connor James.

Competition #2 {Consolation} Peak Queensland Demand
for the same period
The winner is still to be declared…
Competition #3 {Consolation} Peak NSW Demand
for the same period
Yesterday (Monday 13th April) we highlighted how the NSW peak demand was 3,000MW shy of the all-time record.

The winner, as announced here was Jeremy Machet, an energy-focused student.

Competition #4 {Consolation} Peak Victoria Demand
for the same period
In Victoria the peak demand was almost 2,000MW below the peaks achieved in other years – as discussed here.

The winner, as announced here on Thursday 9th April is Elijah Pack from the AEMO.

Competition #5 {Consolation} Peak South Australia Demand
for the same period
This past summer, the South Australian demand did not break 3,000MW – and, indeed, for only a small number of days was it above 2,000MW.

Not daunted by this challenge, the winner (as announced here on Friday 10th April)  was Cameron Butler from Energy Price Solutions.

Competition #6 {Consolation} Peak Tasmania Demand
for the same period
Today (Tuesday 14th April) we highlighted how the Tasmanian peak demand reached 1,389MW late in the survey period.

The winner, as announced here today is Reinhard Struve of the SA Department of State Development.

Competition #7{Consolation} Peak Aggregate NEM-Wide Wind Production
for the same period
The winner is still to be declared…

5 down, now only 2 to go.

Stay tuned to learn of the winners – and, if you were able to lodge your entries previously, whether you have also won…

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