New record summer demand!

We watched with interest today as demand crept up in all mainland regions to the point where the NEM-Wide demand rose slightly above 33,000MW for the first time ever, during a summer period.

At 13:40 we see the NEM-Wide demand as 33,025MW in this snapshot from NEM-Watch:


Most notable in this snapshot is the fact that the colour of each mainland region is out of the green (implying moderate) and heading towards red (which would denote peak regional demand) – this is different than the situations we saw:

By our quick calculations, this means that about 80% of the entries we received in terms of guessing the peak NEM demand were too low.

Though not to jinx his entry, it also means that the entrant with the closest bid to this peak NEM demand is Rick Santin at Powerlink. What will happen over the next couple of months?

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