Victorian demand comes back to life as the crowds gather for the tennis

With the heatwave that Brisbane experienced over the past few days, and the ensuing volatility that resulted, our attention has been mainly focused closer to home here.   We had noticed that Victorian demand has been very low over the same period as a result of the cool weather (perhaps “unseasonal” given the Australian Open has commenced).

However we noticed this tweet from AusNet Services today announcing a return to the heat we expect to see in Victoria around this time of year:


AusNet Services’ Critical Peak Demand Tariff programme is one useful way of harnessing the power of demand response to lower the cost of networks in all customer’s bills (and a program that we know some of our customers use to augment the demand response benefits they enjoy in the energy market).

Shortly afterwards, when AEMO’s predispatch forecasts rolled out to encompass all of tomorrow, we saw a clear picture in NEM-Watch of how the two regions in question are faring:

Victorian demand forecast to climb tomorrow with temperature rising

So we see Victorian demand rising from the amazingly low levels experienced over the weekend to be forecast to peak at almost double those levels tomorrow afternoon (though still more than 2,000MW below the all-time record experienced back here).

Especially for those who’ve invested the time to win the title “best in the NEM” for summer 2014-15 we’ll watch with interest to see what unfolds….

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