trends in price volatility

Updated trend of ‘ENERGY’ bids in red, green and blue

Last Tuesday 23rd April 2024 I spoke with an audience organised by BofA Securities with respect to ‘Risk, Uncertainty and Volatility in the energy transition’. Here’s one illustration of why the spread of spot prices in the NEM has been increasing in recent years.

Eating the NEM’s Q2 Elephant – An Appetizer

An old adage runs that to eat an elephant, it’s best to proceed in small servings. With a very eventful Q2 in the NEM not yet finished, the number of headline events is already large enough – unexpected price volatility…

Brief recap on the historical trend in spot prices in the NEM

Some analysis of the way in which prices in the Australian National Electricity Market have trended over time, from as far back as 1994 (in the markets that were precursors to the NEM).

Post written to provide some context to considerations about where prices are headed for the future…