Recapping aggregate solar yield in Queensland’s ‘wet week’ prior to Easter 2024

Last Monday 25th March 2024 I’d seen Ashleigh Lange write about ‘Wet week ahead for Qld, NT’ via Weatherzone, and I’d also seen this tweet from the QLD Fire & Emergency people on Tuesday morning talking about how wet it was in south-east QLD (with the image looking back on Monday evening):


It’s now Monday 1st April 2024, which means we’ll shortly start the process for compiling GenInsights Quarterly Updates for 2024 Q1, and so I thought I’d quickly open up this query file prepared with NEMreview v7 to see what actually unfolded:


On this chart is chart we can clearly see:

1)  That for about 7-8 days through that period, solar yield was affected;

2)  With lowest yield clearly being on Monday 25th March 2024 … ironically the day on which Weatherzone wrote their article about the week ahead.

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