Network outage (currently underway) on Murraylink DC interconnector

Having written about ‘Increase in NSW to QLD transfer limit on QNI to 850MW’ earlier today, and used the NEMreview v7 software to prepare a trend of daily stats for QNI across ~10 years, we thought it useful to prepare the similar trend for the Murraylink (DC) interconnector between VIC and SA, albeit only looking back ~15 months to the start of January 2023:


In this trend we see that flow is typically west (i.e. from VIC into SA), which is the positive direction for this interconnector

1)  Frequent readers will know already that this is the case, because VIC is a net energy exporter (as is QLD), whereas SA is a net energy importer (as is NSW);

2)  Makes it interesting to think what effect Project Energy Connect might have, when it is eventually up and running, in that:

(a)  It will connect two regions that are typically net energy importers in any case; and

(b)  That’s even before considering the closure of Eraring (and also thermal plant in South Australia.


However what’s more immediately notable is the outage currently underway on the Murraylink interconnector (has been since the 10:10 dispatch interval on 27th March 2024).

Inside of NEMDE, this outage is being effected by the ‘I-MURRAYLINK’ constraint set, which (as we see in the snapshot from ez2view below) is forecast to be invoked out till late afternoon on 20th April 2024 (Saturday next week):


With respect to other outages:

1)  In the ez2view table, we can see:

(a)  another outage planned for May 2024, and

(b)  a number of outages historically

2)  In the NEMreview v7 trend above we can see a longer one in  September 2023 (specific duration we can read from the ez2view table).

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