Current AEMO forecasts point to higher NEM-wide demand on Sunday 4th February 2024

Yesterday evening we noted that ‘NEM-wide demand has been quite low through summer 2023-24 (at least to date)’.

So it’s worth a follow-on noting these 3 x snippets of data related to what might unfold on Sunday 4th February 2024:


(A)  AEMO temperature alerts

This morning the AEMO published Market Notice 114148 with respect to up-coming ’Local Temperature Alerts’, including for Sunday 4th February 2024:


 From :              AEMO
To   :              NEMITWEB1
Creation Date :     02/02/2024     10:30:00


 Notice ID               :         114148
Notice Type ID          :         GENERAL NOTICE
Notice Type Description :         Subjects not covered in specific notices
Issue Date              :         02/02/2024
External Reference      :         NEM Local Temperature Alerts for NSW, SA, VIC from 02 Feb 2024 to 06 Feb 2024


 Reason :


 AEMO’s weather service provider has issued forecast temperatures equal to or greater than the NEM Local Temperature Alert Levels for listed weather stations below.

Mudgee Ap (39+ Deg C): 4th Feb
Yass (39+ Deg C): 4th Feb

Clare High School (39+ Deg C): 4th Feb
Port Augusta Ap (39+ Deg C): 3rd Feb, 4th Feb

Mildura Ap (39+ Deg C): 4th Feb

The NEM Local Temperature Alert Levels are:

Launceston Ti Tree Bend: 33 Deg C, Dalby Airport: 37 Deg C, for all other selected weather stations: 39 Deg C.

AEMO requests Market Participants to:

1. review the weather forecast in the local area where their generating units / MNSP converter stations are located and,

2. if required, update the available capacity in their dispatch offers or availability submissions consistent with the forecast temperatures.

Further information is available at:

AEMO Operations Planning




(B)  Weatherzone article

We’d noticed earlier that (on Tue 30th Jan 2024), Anthony Sharwood had written ‘Victoria set for Sunday scorcher’:



(C)  AEMO demand projections

Third artefact here is a window from ez2view at the 10:45 dispatch interval on Friday 2nd February 2024 that’s a collation of 5 different ‘Forecast Convergence’ widgets that show forecasts for ‘Market Demand’ across both P30 predispatch and ST PASA data sets:


With this image we show:

1)  At the top, a chart looking back ~7 days and forward ~7 days and focused on NEM-wide demand (i.e. choosing the ‘Market Demand’ metric):

(a)  Highlighting the highest point for demand so far this summer (on Monday 29th January 2024, as noted here);

(b)  But also that the current forecasts (as at the forecast run for 10:00 NEM time Friday 2nd Feb 2024) suggest that …

i.  demand on Sunday might be ~1,000MW higher than on Monday 29th January.

ii.  thus being new ‘highest this summer’

iii. though (even if it were at that level) it would still be ~4,000MW below the all-time maximum.

2)  Underneath, in grid view, are views of each of the mainland regions (apologies for space reasons leaving off TAS):

(a)  With ‘autoscale’ ticked in all cases, so the red colour translates to the highest demand point seen in that 14-day window – either history or forecast;

(b)  But for broader context I have annotated with the all-time maximum for SA, VIC and NSW … trusting that noone will forget the massive record set in QLD on Monday 22nd January … at 11,036MW


Let’s see what unfolds…

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