AEMO updates – has contracted RERT and *may* dispatch, on Sat 27th Jan 2024

Not long ago, we posted about ‘AEMO announces intention to commence RERT negotiations in QLD–on Saturday 27th January 2024’  with reference to MN113841 published 11:49:


Well, ~52 minutes after the initial Market Notice, the AEMO published MN113486 that updated:


From :              AEMO
To   :              NEMITWEB1
Creation Date :     27/01/2024     12:41:49


Notice ID               :         113846
Notice Type ID          :         MARKET INTERVENTION
Notice Type Description :         Reserve Contract / Direction / Instruction
Issue Date              :         27/01/2024


Reason :


AEMO Intervention Event, Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) – QLD1 Region – 27/01/2024

Refer to AEMO Electricity Market Notice no. 113841.
AEMO has entered into a reserve contract and may implement a AEMO Intervention Event by dispatching that reserve contract to maintain the power system in a Reliable operating state during the following period of time;
17:30 to 21:00 hrs 27/01/2024
If reserve is required, the period of activation or dispatch will be within this period, but may not be for all the entire period.
AEMO will issue a further advice if the reserve contract is dispatched/activated.

Manager NEM Real Time Operations



Useful to add in an updated snapshot form ez2view at the 12:55 dispatch interval (so showing forecasts most recently published for the half hour ending 12:30) to see what’s changed since the 1st article a couple hours ago:


With respect to the numbered notes:

1)  The view of ‘Market Demand’ has been flipped to tabular view, zoomed into latest forecasts for this evening and set with a narrower colour scale to enable easy reading of the higher numbers.

… ‘looking up that vertical’ we see that the the forecast demand (i.e. as at 12:30) appears to be slightly lower than earlier forecasts.

2)  Also ‘looking up that vertical’ for forecast LOR conditions, it appears that the forecast LOR2 is also perhaps wavering more recently.

3)  Price volatility forecasts remain.

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2 Comments on "AEMO updates – has contracted RERT and *may* dispatch, on Sat 27th Jan 2024"

  1. RERT contract entered into but may not be activated or dispatched.

    As stated in your articles this is a long weekend but Queensland is also without thousands of customers due to Cyclone Kirrily that impacted the Townsville region on Thursday night.

    The cyclone knocked out 66,000 customers but as of Saturday 9.00 am 20% had been restored with most expected to be restored by Sunday night (great effort by Ergon staff).

    However, this means that on a long weekend and thousands without aircon, Queensland did not have sufficient scheduled and semi-scheduled generation to meet demand.

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