Sydney forecast to become ‘island of extreme heat’ tomorrow Saturday 9th of December 2023

Temperatures are expected to reach extreme levels in New South Wales tomorrow, with the Sydney metropolitan area expected to be one of the warmest parts of the state. Weatherzone Meteorologist (and occasional WattClarity guest author) Ben Domensino warned that urban heat island and foehn effects will impact temperatures within the city:


The screenshot Ben shared in his post (and shown below) suggests temperatures in Sydney are forecast to be in the 44° to 48° range at around 2:00pm tomorrow.


From a market standpoint, the P30 forecast for Total Demand in NSW is currently forecast to be 12,344 MW at 5:30pm NEM time / 6:30pm local time. This would represent exceptionally high demand for a Saturday evening.

Source: ez2view’s Forecast Convergence widget

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