A run of high prices seen in SA this morning Wednesday 28th June 2023

Towards the end of a short article I wrote on Monday, I noted that the AEMO was forecasting a LOR2 condition between 7:00 am to 8:30 am this morning. That LOR forecast did not eventuate to an actual, but we were left with a few price spikes towards the upper end of the price scale – with the SA dispatch price peaking at 07:55 am (NEM time) when it hit $12,922.49/MWh.

SA prices peaked during the 07:55 dispatch interval this morning, at $12,922.49/MWh.

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Source: ez2view’s Trend Editor

From a *very* brief inspection of NEMwatch, I note that actual wind generation in South Australia this morning has been quite low thus far, as shown below. I can also see that the Heywood interconnector between VIC and SA has been flowing at limit (50MW from nominal max of 650MW) since 06:55 am to 11:20 am, the time of writing.

Generation by Fuel Type in South Australia over the past 18 hours, shows relatively low wind output in the region.

Source: NEMwatch


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