A new lowest point for NSW demand on Saturday 29th October 2022

At the end of the ‘All Energy’ week, the SMS alerts have been buzzing today with respect to plunging levels of Market Demand in the NSW region, as shown here:


Here’s a snapshot of the current market conditions at the 11:30 dispatch interval (NEM time) via NEMwatch v10:


At this point in time, the Market Demand is 4,186MW – which is lower than the prior low point (4,197MW on Sunday 25th Sept 2022), but already not the lowest point today (which the very temporary ‘lowest’ point briefly noted at 4,162MW in the 11:20 dispatch interval … though already this has been eclipsed by 4,130MW in the 11:45 dispatch interval).

Also noted on the image is the price spike yesterday evening, coincident with surge in hydro production, that we explored in this initial review yesterday evening.


PS1 = Actual Results, at the end of the day

At the end of the day I’ve returned to have a look at what ensued:

1)   In relation to ‘Market Demand ‘, the low point at 11:45 of 4,130MW stands as the new lowest point … though it did see-saw down to 4,134MW at 12:35 as well.

2)   AEMO’s increasingly preferred measure, ‘Operational Demand ‘ is on a half-hourly cadence and dropped as low as 4,356MW in the half hour ending 13:00 (NEM time) … which was 42MW below the 4,398MW level, set on Sunday 25th September 2022.





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  1. Quite a lot of negative prices. Means renewables getting a hit.

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