QLD Government releases ‘Energy and Jobs Plan’

It’s Wednesday 28th September 2022 and the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczukis is launching this ‘Energy and Jobs Plan’ for QLD at CEDA Queensland:


Some snippets of the presentation are being posted here on the CEDA news twitter handle.

This Energy Policy has been plenty hyped, so (like many) we will be reviewing with keen interest… (and in doing so, readers might like to reflect on this trend in the electricity fuel source mix on a monthly basis over >20 years to September 2022).


(A)  Media Coverage of the Queensland Energy Policy

Apart from this article, here is some of the coverage I have seen:

1)   here on WattClarity:

(a)  On the day it was released, we wrote this article here and began adding some of these links below (something that has continued as we note additional things).

(b)  On Monday 10th October we noted that the EY-ROAM modelling had been released.

2)   via the ABC:

(a)  Kate McKenna wrote ‘Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announces $62b clean energy plan including ‘world’s largest pumped hydro energy storage following the release.

(b)  Later that afternoon, Julius Dennis wrote ‘Queensland plans to use 80 per cent renewable energy by 2035. How will it be achieved?’.

(c)  The following day (Thu 29th Sept) Tobias Jurss-Lewis wrote ‘Queensland’s clean energy and hydro power plan faces cost and delivery obstacles, experts warn’.

3)  via RenewEconomy:

(a)  Giles Parkinson and Sophie Vorrath wrote ‘Queensland sets 80 pct renewables target for Australia’s most coal dependent state’ to coincide with the launch

(b)  Later on, I found that David Leitch had written ‘Queensland takes its own road to a decarbonised grid’ ; and

(c)  Sophie Vorrath also contributed ‘“Time to shine:” Queensland plans “supergrid” and world’s biggest pumped hydro’ afterwards

(d)  Giles Parkinson also contributed ‘Australia’s last coal holdout surrenders to the green energy revolution’ on Thursday 29th September

(e)  Giles Parkinson also wrote ‘Consumers want out of coal: De Brenni explains Queensland switch to renewables’ on Thursday 29th September

4)  via AFR:

(a)  Mark Ludlow’s written ‘Qld to cut off coal power by 2035’ …. and I did notice the article made it to front-page of the print edition with ‘blackout’ in the title:


(b)  initially there was ‘Queensland will stop relying on coal by 2035’ under ‘breaking news’.

(c)  Late the next day (Thu 29th Sept) Mark Ludlow added that ‘Qld’s pumped hydro projects not enough to replace coal power’ .

(d)  On Friday 30th September this announcement (and that by AGL) was the focus of the Editor’s ‘Generator exits highlight energy promise and risks’ .

(e)  Late on Sunday 2nd October Mark Ludlow added that ‘Qld energy plan ‘diabolically difficult’ to deliver’ .

5)  via the Australian

(a) Sarah Elks has written ‘Queensland’s 70pc renewable target requires $62bn backing’ .

6)  via the Guardian

(a) Graham Readfearn and Ben Smee wrote ‘Queensland government pledges to end reliance on coal-fired power by 2035’ late Wednesday afternoon.

7)  via PV magazine

(a)  Bella Peacock wrote ‘Queensland targets 70% renewable energy by 2032’; and

(b)  I also noticed later that Bella Peacock had also written ‘Queensland announces ‘biggest pumped hydro scheme in the world’’;

(c)  On Thursday 29th September, David Carroll wrote ‘Queensland warned more work needed to deliver energy transition’;

8)  via the Age/SMH

(a)  Thursday morning I noticed that Matt Dennien had written ‘Queensland to wind back coal by 2035 in ‘revolutionary’ energy plan’ at the end of the day Wednesday.


(B)  Industry Organisation comment

In addition to the media articles above, I’ve also seen the following from various industry organisations:

1)   The Australian Energy Council:

(a)  Published this ‘Statement on Queensland Energy Plan.

(b)  On Thursday 6th October, Ben Skinner wrote ‘Qld Energy and Jobs Plan: Energiewende down under.

2)   The Energy Networks Australia:

(a)  On Thursday 6th October, Verity Watson wrote ‘The Sprint to a SuperGrid.


3)   The Clean Energy Council:

(a)  Says ‘Queensland’s bold and transformation plan heralds a new era in clean energy ambition’.

4)   The Smart Energy Council:

(a)  I have not seen anything on their website, but they were quite active on Twitter during the CEDA event.

5)  The Energy Users Association of Australia:

(a)  I’ve not yet seen anything on their website or via email


(C)  Other comment

If we notice other comment, will add them in here…

1)   Oakley Greenwood:

(a)  On 10th October 2022 we saw the release of this Oakley Greenwood article ‘Alternatives to the Pioneer-Burdekin pumped storage hydro development in Queensland’, which links to this 5-page PDF report.



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