Limondale Solar Farm starts up – only the first 29MW component of a bigger planned station?

Now RenewEconomy is having a well-earned holiday, as otherwise I’d be leaving this for them to note – but worth also noting (coincident with Loy Yang A2 back in service) that Limondale Solar Farm also started up:


I’m not very familiar with this project, but I do note that:

1)  Prior articles like “Innogy begins construction of Australia’s biggest solar plant” on RenewEconomy on 27th Sept 2018 noted that the project might be 349MW in total; and yet

2)  This unit (LIMOSF1) is only 29MW Maximum Capacity.

Giles did mention that “Commissioning of the plant will take place progressively, with full commercial operation expected in mid-2020.” so maybe this is only the first stage and there are many other units to come?  Perhaps one of our more knowledgeable readers can help us understand?


Maybe sometime we might actually find the time to pick up what we had started in terms of our Generator Catalog – but, at least for now, we have too many other jobs on the list.  Let us know if you know of people who can help us move faster?


Coincidentally that means (with the addition of a small amount of operational data for Limondale SF) that our Generator Statistical Digest 2019 will cover a total of 300 DUIDs that have been operational at some point through CAL 2019.

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