Exceptional pricing during Q2 in South Australia (but really across all regions) hurting major energy users

A quick note, including a snapshot taken on Monday 27th June combining NEM-Watch and GasWatch to record how a confluence of factors (including high gas prices, low wind production and post-closure of coal generation at Northern) was leading to higher prices that day in the South Australian region.


The image was tweeted at the time but is recorded here now on WattClarity for future reference.

Of course, a one-off 5-minute dispatch price of $410.42/MWh is not so exceptional – what’s more exceptional has been how prices have been consistently higher for a longer period of time – such as can be seen here in this trended chart from NEM-Review highlighting daily average prices for the past (approx) 540 days:


As noted in the AFR yesterday, these high prices are hurting a number of major energy users.   More on this later, as time permits…

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