Diesel gensets start popping up across Tasmania

As a short PS to last Thursday’s note about the shaky state of Tassie electricity supplies, and prior to the EUAA 1/2 day session in Hobart next Tuesday (will look forward to seeing you there, if you are going), here’s a quick PS to highlight how the diesel gensets have started to appear in the AEMO data set – and hence are being fed through to NEM-Watch and our other products, as highlighted in the snapshot from today:


For a cost that is manageable for commercial operations down to single-person consultancies, NEM-Watch provides a cost-effective way of keeping an eye on the interrelationships between several key variables (including price, demand, and generation supplies).

However for general industry “hobby” observers, we have provided the RenewEconomy-sponsored NEM-Watch widget as a free (and freely embeddable) version to keep an eye on how the generation mix will change in the coming weeks and months.

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