Assessing the opportunity for Demand Response in Queensland

Previously I have posted articles about Demand Response in South Australia over on the specially-focused Demand Response site (here about the general opportunity, and here about how it would have worked in January and February) .

To follow from this, yesterday I posted an assessment of the types of benefits in Queensland that might flow for an energy user that could curtail at time of high spot prices.

About our Guest Author

Mike Williams Michael Williams is the founder and CEO of Altus Energy Strategies.Altus Energy Solutions helps energy intensive enterprises to significantly reduce energy costs and risks by matching operational needs to the large range of energy supply options that exist in any market. Altus Energy develops very different strategies to the solutions offered by retailers who take a vanilla approach to their bundled energy supply offers.

Those retailers are never able to fully understand customer idiosyncrasies and must protect their margins with built in risk premiums.

Further background to Mike can be found on Mike’s LinkedIn profile .

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